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Primordial Radio – The Big Bang II – The Second Coming

OGRI MCC will be hosting the 2nd Primordial Radio Big Bang-  with the suitably puerile title

“The Big Bang II – The Second Coming”

big-bang-ii-the-second-coming flyer

The Primordial Radio  shindig is taking place at the OGRI Clubhouse on 21st to 23rd September 2018.If you missed last year’s Big Bang – here is a quick writeup

If you have an liking for rock, metal and “beyond” music, then Primordial Radio should be of interest to you.  In the same vein as the biking world, it isn’t just about the music, it is the active community behind the station that makes it unique. Being an internet based radio station gives Primordial Radio the edge,  being able to play rock and metal music without having to censor, as well as bringing you the latest in upcoming rock and metal bands, exclusive podcasts from festivals, bands and even Conservation based podcasts by the World’s ONLY Heavy Metal Marine Biologist – The BlowFish !

If you are not a member of Primordial Radio (and why not?) – then pop along to their website @ https://www.primordialradio.com – and sign up to get 3 months free.  As well as

Plenty of space for camping, caravans, campervans, yurts or even tents !

Tickets for the Primordial Radio Big Bang II event are available here (no need to sign up, but hey, with a 3 month free trial, why not give it a go ?)