Welcome to Ogri MCC

Club History


Ogri MCC was originally formed around the Osnabruck area in West Germany in 1978, when all the original members were serving in the Army or RAF. The club now attracts a variety of careers, trades and personalities and has grown steadily ever since.

Over the years through postings, migration & deportation we have gained members in Germany, England and the USA, not to mention just about everywhere British forces are stationed, despite less than half the club now being ‘squaddie’ (including but not exclusive to UK, Germany, Canada, Cyprus, Portugal, Bosnia, NZ, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, and SA).

We arrange parties throughout the year at our clubhouse and hold an annual rally on August Bank Holiday weekend (be sure to check out the Rally page) and ‘Kickstart’ a semi-traditional rally at the end of January. If you’ve been to one of our rallies and have any comments that you’d like to pass onto us please feel free to add those to our guestbook.

We would very much appreciate rally invites from anyone putting on a rally anywhere in UK or Europe.