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OGRI goes Primordial or is it the other way round ?

On the 18th November, OGRI MCC played hosts to the boys and girls of Primordial Radio who were having their “Big Bang” party.

Friday night was a steady away evening with a few of the #PRFAM turning up in advance of the main event on Saturday, needless to say they suffered/enjoyed their first taste of OGRI MCC hospitality judging by the hangovers on Saturday morning !

The Primordial Süp beer arrived in the back of Sean’s van and was promptly hooked up and personally, I can vouch, it is a crackin’ pint !! For the beer nerds it is a refreshing, fruity, Session 4.4% IPA, brewed by Pig and Porter, keep your eyes open for it !  The Saturday afternoon was a mass of people arriving, including Far from the Delta who were the band for the evening. Spike’s Victory Snack bar did a sterling job with the catering for the weekend.

Saturday night was a bit of a blur for me, raging toothache (numbed by beer for medicinal purposes) and a very busy bar but there were fireworks, a live podcast/stream, music a plenty and a lot of very happy people who continued to party until the early hours ! Judging by the sore heads, lack of voice and the need for lots and lots of tea/coffee and breakfast butties it was a good night !

We won’t mention Moose who ordered his beer and then walked off without paying (don’t worry I covered it), Dewsbury getting very excited by the aircraft on Sunday morning or Pete loosing his stomach near Swindon !

A big well done to Mark Manby from OGRI MCC for organising it, thank you to the OGRI MCC members for helping out and to the Primordial crowd for enjoying themselves and having a great night/weekend ! Hope to see a few of you back at some of the OGRI MCC parties in 2018 !

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Thank you to each and every one of you who came to the Big Bang last night. Our eternal gratitude goes to the tremendous work of Mark Manby and Ogri MCC for welcoming us with open arms and making us all feel right at home.  From the fireworks to soup and cupcakes, the killer set of Far From The Delta and some pretty questionable dancing from Dews and Failey… It was such a joyous and memorable night made possible by you. Thank you once again. We are Primordial

– via Primordial Radio Facebook Page

If you fancy a new kind of radio station, yep it is internet based, yep it is subscription based, but it is a refreshing change if you like your rock and metal as well as some random shite, I’d say it is worth giving it a go.

Currently you can get 3 months free if you go to https://www.primordialradio.com/evolve/ – choose Referral Element and use code PR_MywKbmFZ


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