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Double Trouble Rally 2018 – Rally Report

With the weekend set to be a scorcher we all knew this was going to be a great weekend, 3 club members with birthdays and an area meet should of spelled out trouble but who are we to spot these obvious warning signs ?

Safe to say we all had eventful journeys due to it being a hot Friday afternoon but everyone arrived with the limbs they set off with and the party mood in mind to make this a great meet, a little to enthusiastic for one that needed to rest after just 20 minutes of being there but that certainly entertained the rest of us.

By early evening we were all up to hit the amazing bar that had empty jack bottles as far as the eye could see (and thankfully full ones too) band for the Friday were Joan of Arc and them girls know how to throw a good show!!!

We drank and drank until the main bar closed and the party moved to the outside bar and drank some more until the world seemed right and the sun was nearly up.

Then came Saturday!!! With a few more members and family turning up through the day to find many of us in many different states of unconsciousness and severe sun burn as well as other types of burns and one body a little bit more broken than we thought!!!

Now for myself this was where things went a little south – a trip to A+E to be plastered in a whole different way than I had planned. I can tell you Hells Bells were playing Saturday night but sadly didn’t make the show due to anaesthetic being administered close to my tent but from what I gather another great night was had by all before the sad realisation Sunday morning would be us all heading home ready for the real world on Monday morning after a great few days together doing what we do best.

Image of Matt and his broken Ankle

BUT not before every leg ankle broken joke in the world reared it’s head while waiting for my bike and what was left of my body being loaded up into Skunk’s van which he rode home to get early in the morning to help a broken brother out!!! What a guy, what a club what an awesome weekend!!!!!

Can’t wait for next year already and until the next time we get to do it all again, oh that’s right, this weekend coming!!

<Editors Note : OGRI MCC won best Club Turnout and Longest Distance Male thanks to Stu “popping” down from Scotland !!!>


The Broken Prospect thanks to 21stone full patch

<Editors Note #2 – if you ever see Charcoal, Mobile BBQ caterers at an event, try the food – they do one of the best pulled pork/snmoked brisket burgers!