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Andy M

Andy M - GBNF

It is with great sadness that OGRI MCC can confirm, on behalf of his family, the sudden passing of Andrew Meredith at the weekend 26th March 2023.
We were all shocked and saddened by this unexpected event, and our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Andy followed me in joining OGRI MCC and soon became known as the Club Geek, sorting out the mish-mash of tech and bringing order to a system that had naturally evolved over the 45 years of the Club, racking up +20 years as a member doing the things he loved – motorbikes, camping, parties, chatting with folks from all walks of life and of course tech.

Over the years, we had many chats, covering a plethora of topics, sometimes heated, sometimes educational, and sometimes complete bollocks.
Our last chat at 4 am after a few beverages was about AI and whether Chat-GPT & Bard were good things or not. It’s a shame we never managed to finish it the next day.

It still doesn’t seem real but I think we gave you the send-off you deserved.


Simon – West Rep