Welcome to Ogri MCC

35th Anniversary – Pegasus MC

June 2019

What a real good welcome when we turned up on Thursday as also a brilliant Schnitzel evening at their clubhouse – e could not being hosted in a better way .

Thursday evening was a real fun as the Pegasus members did have time to talk and drink and have fun with us and a few members of the Barrel Bikers who turned up as well. …..and so it started .

On Friday we made our usual trips around the area and it was a real good ride out. In the afternoon as you can see on the pictures , we started drinking home-made schnapps and whiskeys before the band did start . Also we did find out that Nemo is not a human , no, Nemo is a goblin The band played fantastic and made a brilliant performance .

When the present was hand over from OGRI MCC, the Pegasus didn’t know what to say as they loved it . Saturday was even better as the band AC/BC played and Nemo did get a new hairstyle which did suit him very well .

That was an evening with much singing and drinking and fun .

Frank – Euro Rep

<photos coming shortly>