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Simmer Dim 2017 – Rally Report

Don’t be put off by the price of the ticket, you get alot for your money also includes a hot meal once a day and 24 beer tokens (1 token =1 measure)! 

A very relaxed party atmosphere and lots of silly games including a boot party drinking contest to start things off early on the Thursday afternoon.

Facilities include showers, toilets, a community hall where hot food and drinks are available. There is also a shop about 10 minutes walk up the hill.

If the weather is not too bad I recommend taking a tour of the islands, this was definitely the highlight of my time there. You can get a ferry crossings to and from the main Islands every 15 or 20 minutes and doesn’t cost that much, some of the crossings go a bit sideways when coming into dock so be prepared to stop your bike from toppling over ( something i found out the hard way).

Back at the rally sight there is a large beer tent with plenty of entertainment in the afternoon and live music in the evening, and the guys that run the rally seem to be having the most fun.

When you finally head off to your tent don’t worry about bringing a torch as it never gets dark at this time of year, something to remember if you struggle sleeping in the daylight.

Arriving at the Shetland Islands early Thursday morning and not leaving till late on Sunday means you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself not having to worry about getting up early on Sunday.

A great rally with some epic scenery, will definitely go back.

Report from one of our Prospects – Simon “Tofffee” Thorton who covered over 2145miles on his little roadtrip, taking in a Rally in Germany before heading off to the Simmer Dim and winning longest distance !

Photos will be coming when he gets his mobile repaired, but check out out the Simmer Dim website !