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Sheep Alley Rally 2017 – Rally Report

So it all started with a freekin epic fry up at Mr Manby and Bomber’s local café in chippy ,followed by a crackin ride in the pissing down rain ,filtering down a solid M4 (I  ain’t gonna mention piglets sleeping bag coz it would be wrong of me to say anything)then once off that it was like riding with a group of power boats at good speed over miles of
twisting and turning rivers ,all arrived at site looking like a bunch of drowned rats but that wasn’t enough for damage as he wanted a good coating of mud also so proceeded to enter the field full throttle in 12inches of very wet mud !!!

What follows goes like this …..drink, John eating, eaten by crowd of nasty insects, upturned porta loo, John having a
snack, apply anti bug spray, tequilla shots, naked top up , Jack discovers he hates tequilla…..but has another anyway !!!(wonder where he gets that from ?) port , G&T ,get eaten alive by bugs again, naked bottom down, get club turnout ,john having a little snack,annabelle won coolest kid as far as I’m concerned, celebrate with more booooze, totally naked, drink anti bug spray coz it don’t work, damage chucked his boots up, john eating …again, bitten by a Jinx bug (feckin hurt),badger arrives and Damage mistakes his bedding for James’s so decides its a good idea to gaffa tape it all closed up, Emma rides in like a boss, two baby rhinos chase each other around the camp site (Damage and Badger)!

The Manby killer pool team play, sourz shots,epic bands both Friday and Saturday, get eaten alive by savage locals,naked again, sheepboy pole dancing, rally virgin rescued from their virginity……….far too much more to put down here ……just come next year ,even with the mud and rain it was truly a big family weekend !

Big luv to y’all xxx p.s these events might not all have happened in that order !!??