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Primordial Radio – Big Bang 2 Birthday Report

It was a pleasure to host Primordial Radio and their Big Bang 2 – The Second Coming party at the weekend.

Despite the gales, rain and slight autumnal chill, over 170 folks attended the event from all over the UK to celebrate (ok a week early) Primordial Radio’s first birthday !

primordial radio - big bang2 group shot
Cheers to Alex Hughes (MTG Photo ) for the pic !

A few OGRI folks decided to start a day early by attending Big Boy Bloater and the Limits gig the night before, followed by setting up for the arrival of the Big Bang folks who started drifting in mid afternoon (some getting completely lost despite our best efforts to give them foolproof instructions !)

It seems word got out after last years first Primordial Big Bang event that Friday’s can be fun – so there was a night filled with catching up with old friends, making new ones and consuming some alcoholic beverages (or 12) with jokes and banter aplenty as well as teaching some folks how to play Nails ! (We won’t mention the impromptu pole dancing!)

Saturday started with, for some reason, headaches, tired looks and a craving for tea & coffee and breakfast ! In my case it was being introduced to Dewsbury’s pet hangover he was taking for a walk at about 8:30am and in Moose’s case, getting up about 4pm !!!!

More folks turned up during the day before the main event in the evening, Primordial Radio merch arrived, so Tracey from OGRI MCC had raise the stakes and get out t-shirts and flash coins on sale as well ! To celebrate the occasion there was a special t-shirt design available from Primordial – seemed popular as there were lots of matching outfits !

Primordial Radio Big Bang 2 t-shirt


Moose, Dewsbury, Pete and Shorty hosted a live podcast and to celebrate one year of Primordial Radio going live, as if by magic – cake appeared !

Primordial Radio Birthday Cake

Live Music from Goldfish don’t Bounce, a cracking fireworks display and then more music from Metal Thrashing Lads got the crowd up and bouncing throughout the evening with Pete and Shorty fighting over DJ sets to keep folks up and partying till the early hours.

(Note to self, when cutting up a very blue cake wear gloves – it looks like I had been stroking a smurf after it was all cut up and dished out). I think Hackett managed to eat at least half of it by himself !

Sunday morning was getting loaded up with breakfast, brews and not looking forward to packing away wet camping gear and plans afoot for the next meet up !

It seems the #PRFAM (The Primordial Radio Family) is very similar to OGRI MCC, they like a drink, the jokes are as bad, sarcasm is on a par, yet they fully support the cause, in this case an internet Radio Station that has been crowdfunded to fill the needs of a specific audience – supplying rock, metal and beyond music on a subscription basis.

Being an internet based radio station gives Primordial Radio the edge, being able to play rock and metal music without having to censor, as well as bringing you the latest in upcoming rock and metal bands, exclusive podcasts from festivals, bands and even Conservation based podcasts by the World’s ONLY Heavy Metal Marine Biologist – The BlowFish !

If you are not a member of Primordial Radio (and why not?) – then pop along to their website @ https://www.primordialradio.com – and sign up to get 3 months free.

Happy Birthday Primordial Radio – great to host you folks again and looking forward to next year ! and a big well done and thank you to Mark from OGRI MCC for organising another great weekend (as well as all those OGRI helping out making sure everyone had a great time!)


Simon C