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OGRI @ Pinkertons MCC Easter Egg Run 2016

A few of us braved the weather to attend the Pinkertons MCC Easter Egg Run on Easter Sunday to deliver chocolatey goodness to the Childrens Ward at Great Western Hospital in Swindon.

Thought I’d take advantage of the slightly cheaper fuel in Chippenham, so met up with Mark & Tracey, then onto Lyneham to pick up Jase (on his borrowed bike that was refusing to start) and Griff, before heading off to the start of the run at Swindon RFC.

A good turnout lead to about 100 bikes took part in the event, from 125’s to Indian’s and the run was seemed to pass off without a hitch, we might have lent a hand with a few junctions ;) and the weather was actually nice for us (we won’t talk about the hail, wind, rain, thunder and lightning that came later in the day!)

Brews and grub scoffed at an extremely quiet canteen at GWH, before we all bomb burst for the afternoon, with a few peeps venturing up the OGRI MCC Clubhouse for a post run drinky poo (or 12).

There are some great pic’s on the Pinkertons Facebook Page and a nice write up on the Swindon Advertiser website with the video of the bikes leaving. Well done to Pinkertons for sorting out a great run !

Ogri at Pinkertons Easter Egg run image Next on the cards for me and a few others is mattblackrat.com Spring Meet 2016 !


Simon, West Rep.