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Heksenketeltreffen 2019

An impromptu idea of Chris Byrne to have an OGRI MCC Prospects day out on the cheap – travelling over into Holland and have a few drinks with MC de Kleppenjagers on Saturday 20th of Jan !

So 3 prospects and the beautiful Helen made their way to Mr Byrne’s abode Friday for a few beers and an early start Saturday morning (3am).

So like 4 little kids on a grand adventure off we set, due to traffic problems we missed our ferry, but managed to get straight on the next one with no problems for the rest of our journey and arrived safely at the Klepps in early afternoon.

As club members who have previously been to visit the Klepps have told us how welcome they make you feel but it was mine and Taffs first time – but not the last! I cannot put into words as it’s overwhelming the welcome you get on arrival from the Klepps and other people that turned up from different countries.

As to the late afternoon and into the evening the beers were flowing freely literally and food to die for but to meet so many new friends and to see old friends as well in their home just made you smile. The conversation flowed, not that I understood a word.

Taff went on a mission to break himself and succeeded with the help of all the hip flasks that were presented by so many – rude not to !

The night flew by with John from the klepps adopting the prospects – an impromptu and brilliant night was had by all but alas we had an early start back Sunday morning which went without a hitch till the ferry port (ask Chris for details hahahahahaha)

A safe journey home and I will endeavour to return to this event and a few more events that are on this year.

As for the whole weekend – brilliant and thank you all