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Faro 2022 – Rally Report

It all started with Lockdown 2020 then 2021 that stopped us from going to Faro and not being able to attend the Faro rally.

The time came in July 2022 and then we were off on our way to airport at Bristol to meet up with the Prez Mark and the First Lady Tracey.

We did not have any trouble getting through the airport so we were very lucky. we got to the airport very early we met up with Slim and Mustang Sally, Tracey aka Mrs Herbie and Tori. We decided to get a bite to eat and something to drink and that seemed to take a forever we only just had enough time to drink our drinks because it took so long to get them before we knew it we were on the plane and off we went.

Before landing in faro we could see that there was a few fires due to the hot dry weather. The captain had said not to worry it did not effect the airport so we were good to land.
We got through the airport checks – all good and no one got stopped thank god . Then got an Uber taxi to our villa.

When we got to the Villa, Dave, Herbie (best sponsor ever) James, Kev ( ooo ooo ooo take a picture) and Sean were all there, making the most of the facilities. I must say it was stunning – air con in every room!

Bowser and Nic had decided that they did not want to partake in sharing our Villa and camped instead. This may have been a bad idea as they got moved 3 times do to the fires ! I must say that some of us were concerned about their welfare and did offer them to come stay with us but being the proud men that they are, they decided to stay and went back the rally site and continue camping (its OK, they did not get burnt alive – they are still very much in the Club!)

Things were a bit different for Darren and his step son who were not so lucky, they had to share our villa because their hotel burnt down ! but it’s ok his step son got to see lots of boobies from the beautiful mermaids that we’re sunbathing by the waters edge topless ( me, Di and Sally, Liv) lol.

On to the main events of the 40th Faro rally, it was huge ! About 35.000 people and about 25.000 bikes so you can only imagine how big it was. Lots of bars to get drink at so we were all happy and well watered – with fantastic live music. I would say the oasis bar was my favourite, some of the bands like Sisters of Mercy and Hybrid Theory – they were very good.
I have seen some things in my time but lots half naked ladies everywhere on the stages – I think it was because it was so very hot ! They were performing some kind of sex act with a disc cutter, seemed very dangerous to me but the men seem to like it though!

Then it came to my birthday 19th July and off we went to do a spot of shopping and lunch then back to the villa. It had been decorated with lots of birthday banners and balloons for mine and Mark’s birthday as his was on the 20th July – it was fantastic and that they all did that for us – I loved it.

The next day it was President’s birthday and he was 21 again, this however was the day we flew home – sad times :( Mark was made to wear a beautiful tiara and sash (I think he secretly loved to wear it), and he had it on the whole way home ! He played his lovely rock music on the plane for everyone to hear while him and Taff had a few drinks to go with it – they also played up with the air hostesses by bringing they own drinks on the plane and got told off !

It was the best holiday I have ever had with good friends and family.

Checking out love to you all.
Faro Rally report August 2022.

By Caz Parkman. X