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2010 comments from our Events

7th September 10
Red Cross
Fantastic Rally (as always). As a Red Cross volunteer, we are always looked after so well by the Ogri club. Cheers guys and gals and see you at the halloween bash!
7th September 10

Hi AllWould just like to say a great big thank you to all of Ogri for the hospitallity and friendship we have recieved since we have been attending your rally, which is the dogs b**** by the way. We had two fantastic weekends, excellent food, excellent beer, excellent company THANK YOU X X X see you all next year

5th September 10
british red cross
fantastic rally as always.just want to thank ogri for looking after the Red cross volunteers and helping us out when required.out of all the events we cover during the year this is probably the best one.love it!
3rd September 10
Peter Lee
United Kingdom
Hi, My first Ogri rally at Kemble, can’t fault it, Many thanks to all who must have much time and energy into making it so good. The flight in the Yak made my weelend.
See you next year health & wealth being o.k.
Keep up the good work and many thanks.
3rd September 10
The Unsociables
Fantastic weekend guy’s….food, booze and snooze..well done. See ya all for the next one.
2nd September 10
why am i barred from attending because i own a car and not a bike
Our reply:
Hi Mike,
I’m sorry that you feel that you are in some way barred from the site – far from it – we welcome everyone to our rallies. What we do limit are the cars, should you wish to borrow a bike or arrange a lift we would happy for you to come to the rally.
We are a motorbike club of members who feel that riding a bike is an important part of their way of life and we want to party with people who feel the same. We’re not even fussy on what type of bike you have, how big the engine is or even if it’s actually a trike (which can usually be ridden on a car license).
We do realise that some bikers are unable to ride a bike/trike due to injury, disability or illness and we treat anyone in that circumstance individually and will do all we can to assist both at the summer and winter rally. At the summer rally we are a little more lenient and will also allow a few other excuses for bringing a car (bike broken down etc), but our winter rally is purposely a semi-traditional rally and we are much stricter.
1st September 10
what can i say…..FANTASTIC as we have come to expect.
nowt else nedded
1st September 10
MC Team 74
Cheers for a great weekend!
Germay got flushed away with rain and thunderstorms while we sat down in T-Shirts on Kemble Airfield!
Nothing to complain: Good weather, good food, good music, great people!!!
Thank you and see you soon x
31st August 10
Another top event hosted by Ogri MCC! If any club aspires to putting on a rally they could do a lot worse than experiencing the Ogri summer rally – these guys really know how to get organised. Great site, good food, excellent beer and entertainment, plus a real chilled out atmosphere. Thanks to all club members for a really great time. See you again at the Kickstart :)
30th August 10
Ozzy Phillips
i would like to start by saying thank you very much to Ogri for an excellent weekend, my lil rally vigins had a wonderful time and can’t wait to come next year. from the time we arrived everything from the site to tunes and not forgeting the friendliness and help of all the members of Ogri was fantastic.Hope to be there next Aug.best wishes and good fortunes to you all.
30th August 10
had an amazing time to say i was a rally virgin and put in the stocks, but it was very funny and I enjoyed all weekend, and especially the party on the last night. Cheers guys and hope to be there again next year for another amazin rally.
30th August 10
To all at Ogri MCC;
Although I could not stay at the rally due to one of our members getting married over that weekend, I would like to personally thank you all for being the perfect hosts to our small team who were looking after the Legion Riders Stand over the weekend. Secondly, many thanks for your generous donations which will go into the Royal British Legions Poppy Appeal.
30th August 10
Big Steve
Thanks to ALL at Ogri MCC for the Fantastic Rally, We were well looked after from start to finish, Many thanks for your continued support, the Best Rally Yet ! Well Done as ever, Regards Respect Big Steve, on behalf of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch.
30th August 10
Tiger MCC
On behalf of Tiger MCC thank you for another excellent rally. We had a brilliant time and all survived the monsoon on the way home !
30th August 10
was with the BBB
Had an amazing weekend yet again well done all you lads and lassies, especially the lads who tried to bump start my bike before it being taken home in a van on Friday Night. well at least it knew where i was going and got me right to the gate before deciding to have a fried battery. i am looking forward to next year and see you all soon xxxx
30th August 10
Had a fantastic rally, we had tears of laughter for hours . fantastic organisation big big thanks to all involved. regardless of what Bowser says IT WASN`T ME see you next year
30th August 10
Please pass on my thanks to your club members for all of their hard work and effort that went into making an outstanding rally
30th August 10
Bill Birch
Shifnal & District
Ogri 2010, best rally we EVER attended in 30 years trying !Happy Smiling people everywhere,fair prices on booze,great fodder-even a choice, can you believe it.Every “Ogri MCC” member was enthusiastic and REALLY friendly.Looking forward to ANY RALLY with ‘OGRI MCC’,Shifnal & Dist crew were away for this event ( thier loss)
30th August 10
Dom (OGRI Pilot)
If anyone took any pictures of the Yak 52 flying over the rally weekend, then please could you send your pictures to yak-one@hotmail.com.
Thank You.
I hope you all had a great weekend and thank you to all those who took the opportunity to fly with me in the Yak 52 over the weekend.
Ogri MCC Treasurer & Pilot
30th August 10
Cheers OGRI yet another excellent rally.
The trip back to the Lizard was a bit windy. I blame the mixture of real ale, faggots, mash, and onion gravy.
It was not me who ‘disabled’ one of the cubicles in the gents.
Was the rally visited by the Bounty Hunters from Critters?
30th August 10
The Sisterhood
Couldnt wait to come back this year and had another fantastic weekend. Roll on 2011…… See you at Kickstart, hopefully will have the bike in one piece by then!
30th August 10
just to say a huge thank you to all Ogri club members for a fantastic weekend. Really enjoyed it. Good catering, great bands and decent prices. Bigger clubs could learn a thing or two off you when they put on a rally. Looking forward to Kickstart rally.
30th August 10
Mal anemal
Big thank you for your rally just gone
we had a wicked time weather was kind and site was certianly a brill one and the atmosphere was so relaxed and cook tent well ogri style grub brill good prices beer too and air show on top of it
thanks again folks
Anemal(Suffolk) Anamel pendfold & sara (Cornwall)
30th August 10
first off – we have uncollected 2 t shirts, from a guy in coventry – please get in touch so we can send them out to you.
what a brilliant weekend, a huge thank you to all involved, if only all rallies were like OGRI – thanks a lot everyone – see you next year
30th August 10
The Roadbouncers 10th Ogri. Yet again outstanding. Good grub at a very keen price, good beer & good company.
Pros where definitely the flushing loos (according to the wife!) and more room in the camping filed ( less people than last year?)
Only downside was that their seemed to be a lot less stalls
29th August 10
Tiger MCC
Fantastic weekend, great food, great music, great toilets. Seriously impressed with the litter picking during the day, & not JUST by prospects either – not seen that anywhere else!!! Having our own flypast of a spitfire & microlites & flights around the block available in a small plane from £15, that’s just showing off!!!
Really well done, thank you for a great weekend – well done!
29th August 10
First Ogri Rally this year 2010 ,Love the site enjoyed every minute of it , see you guys next year.
29th August 10
Cernunnos MCC
Brilliant, first time back since ’96 and exceeded all expectations!
29th August 10
Duncan Carter
Barrel Bikers Mcc
Another corking weekend! Thank you so much again.
29th August 10
Thanks for yet another great weekend.
The club members were very helpful as usual,the catering tent was excellent.
What a great selection of beers,certainly the best i have ever come across.
Certainly one of the best rallies i have attended.
29th August 10
Pyro aka Jake, Roadbouncers
Another great weekend from the hardworking Ogri crew.
Thanks lads (and lassies) we shall see you again next year!
29th August 10
Barrel Bikers
What a great rally, good bands great atmosphere (it felt like Christmas) the food was excellent this year and clean flushing bogs!!! Blinding time, see you at the kickstart!!
29th August 10
Mrs Biggles, Cernunnos MCC
Thanks for a fabulous rally! The loos were fantastic! The caterers certainly tried a lot harder this year and didn’t rip a huge hole into our beer money when we bought our food. The bands were good, the atmosphere relaxed and, thanks to the Barrel, Xmas came early. Great weekend, see you next year.
29th August 10
Thank you to all your members who worked hard to put on a brilliant weekend , you never fail to impress with the quality of entertainment & the helpfulness of all your club Members do you credit , also I`d like to make a special mention on the catering tent , excellent grub & good value , its one thing that sets you rally above others in my book , keep it up :-)
24th August 10
Paddy McMahon
Benelux 1
Wishing you all the very best for the rally end of Aug. Dont get too drunk and make sure you all get a good nights sleep. See some of you at Zeedelgem
13th August 10
Robert (Nobrot)
Fossil Leathers
Hi girls was great meeting you at Skylark Help for Heroes hope we can bring our stall to one or more of your rallys ,if you need anymore key rings made let me know Rob.
20th June 10
Ogri 2009 was fantastic best rally ive been to. Well organised with a friendly laid back atmosphere. When are the photos going to be published in youre gallery!! its nearly time for 2010
15th March 10
Wendy & Tony
Blackpool MAG
THANKYOU for your brilliant hospitality the saturday prior to the mothers day ride. Thanks for opening the bar and letting us watch the rugby, even if we played shite. Big up for the band and the stand up sit down game, John and Tony u were so bad at that. A club widewelcome to any one who wants to come to sunny Blackpool so we can repay the gesture. Cheers
15th March 10
West Norfolk MAG
The Ogri MCC party 13th March 2010 before Afghan Heroes ride was brilliant fun, and what a lovely sunny frosty morning to wake up to!! Thankyou Ogri Members for your welcome, special thanks to Sgt Mark Aldred, Richard, and Chill who scared me with his bare belly dancing. Hope to see ya all again real soon, keep in touch love always XXX
8th March 10
freedom riders mcc .
been comeing to your rallys since 2002. cant wait for this one . respect .
2nd March 10
A big thanks for your hospitality last weekend (160th)will see you at the Wooton Bassett run
19th February 10
Just cruised in to offer respect to the Ogri MCC from the Usual Susupects LEMC – Maryland Chapter. Stay safe…Nice site!!
10th February 10
Tracey Oakley
Our first Ogri rally and what a fantastic one it was! VERY bloody cold but the bonfire was a godsend! Everyone was really friendly and the Mulled Wine and Chilli vodka was a fab way to be greeted. Looking forward to the Summer Rally now – so glad we reserved tickets! Thanks Ogri for a truly memorable rally
5th February 10
Another great Kickstart despite being even colder than last year. Great beer and company. Food was a let down but who cares when everything else so good.
4th February 10
Bill Birch
Shifnal & District
Our first Kickstart rally, what a pleasure ! WELL organised club, top class members,everything as just as it should be. Lesser clubs take note. We are missing it already !Can`t wait to visit when it`s warmer.
3rd February 10
kautari mcc
hi there we are a Essex based club who were coming up to your rally we were told not to post before the 1st which we did, only to find out that you have sold all your ticket, i was told that you put them on sale at you first rally of the year so why not tell peopl,e this sounds like bad organization to me
Our reply:
We did not start selling tickets until Monday 1st Feb (as advertised), however, as a thank you to those people that turned to a very cold winter rally the weekend prior to that, we let them reserve tickets for the summer rally. Sorry that you have missed out on the tickets, we do have a list of people waiting for any returns and I can add you to that if you would like. You can contact me on rallytickets@ogrimcc.org
3rd February 10
Shifnal Sicko’s
Great Rally, good company, REAL ALE & Proper Grub !!!!
Next year can you cancel the blizzard ?
2nd February 10
What a great weekend at the Kickstart. Yeah it was a tad on the chilly side but the warm welcome, great food, beer, bands and bonfire certainly made up for all that.
Thanks to all at Ogri MCC for putting on such a great show :)
1st February 10
pete klep
great weekend.all the ingredients where there for a good party.good company, a lot of JD, what do you want more,thanks for everything and whe hope to see you 13-3-2010, opening of our clubhouse Wilco Nickand Pete
1st February 10
Fantastic weekend. Thanks to you all for a great welcome. See you in the summer if not before!!
1st February 10
Thanks all for a great rally, despite the character building experience of a frozen wet wipe in the toilet, the frozen solid bottle of mouthwash, and the biblical snowstorm on Dartmoor on the way back to the Lizard.
Thanks to the caterers for the excellent treacle sponge and custard.
I am also pleased the engine starter pack I had was of some use to two BMW trailie riders.
31st January 10
Si Harvey
Thanks for all your effort IN turning a cold weekend in January into a cracking event.
31st January 10
Mohawks Brotherhood
Once again a great party, looking forward to the next time. Keep up the good work…. ride safe L+R
31st January 10
To all Ogri Mcc , yet again you put on a blinding do , many thanks for the hospitality , the food was top notch , far better than burger n chips from a greasy spoon & well appreciated given the slight chill !It was good to talk at length with some of your members , good times had by all
31st January 10
Top marks for yet another outstanding gathering of genuine likeminded people where the company, banter and stories take you back to a time we thought we had lost forever but thanks to you we haven’t, have we??!! Thank you Ogri for what you stand for and all your hard work providing a much needed oasis.
4th January 10
Mark Keeling
Just wanted to wish all of Ogri MCC a happy New Year. Thank you for all your help in raising funds for the Poppy Appeal during 2009. See you at the kickstart, looking forward to it already.
1st January 10
Snow White
Who were the guys who were running the climbing wall in 2008?