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2007 Comments from our Events

30th December 07
A bit late but season’s greeting to Ogri MCC from The Royal British Legion Riders. Have a safe and peaceful new year.
6th December 07
Do you have date for the Ogri Rally 2008? If so, please can you send them to me.
Many thanks
30th October 07
Top event ! I’m just doing next years meetup diary for XS1100 owners and the Ogri was the first entry
30th September 07
medic, doughnut, twotone, john & linda
from the Smuggler Cruiser Club
twas our first “ogri” FANTASTIC we will be back.top people, top entertainment. we have been told a lot about it,it WAS ALL TRUE. thanx guys
30th September 07
Hi all. This year was my first Ogri Rally. People have been telling me for years how good it is, and they weren’t kidding. I had a great time. Loved the real ales, bogs left a bit to be desired though. You even organised fantastic weather – brilliant!
See you next time :o )
26th September 07
great rally, well worth the long ride down from orkney for, hope to b there next year, sore bum and all
25th September 07
Hi to all of you. I had a very good time at your rally and hope I’m able to join it again next year.
Here you’ll find some more pictures. If somebody want some in a printable quality plese feel free to send me an email.
See you at the Kleppenjagers
Bye Ritchie
10th September 07
Jos mc Klep
Thanks guys for all your help to get my bike back home again with the broken primary belt Special thanks to Mick?? he brought the bike to Dover with his van and to Paul and??? who picked me up and brought me back to the rally when my bike broke down on Sunday during a very good trip in the area.It was a great rally looking forward to see you all at the rally in October.Thanks again Jos, Pres. Kleppenjagers
10th September 07
Great Rally, first time at your rally only 2 problems running out of real ale and the loo’s. Hopefully if we can get the tickets there will be at lot more of us attending next year
9th September 07
wheres this years rally pics???
8th September 07
Rya cooper
hi im teff’s girls young one just to say dt was one of the best rally iv been to all though i was a rally vergin haha grin but it was great loved it from rya grin hope to see you next year
6th September 07
Col from Bristol
Hi Guys and Gals – great rally, as always. Looking forward to next year. Thanks also for helping our Dave get his trike the last 100 yards and then getting his battery re-charged! Special thanks to Nigel the prospect for getting the carb cleaner and helping us out on the Saturday, too. Cheers All!!
5th September 07
Hi, Just a note to thank you all for a great rally. Thanks to Emma for sorting our tickets that didn’t arrive in time and to Dom for a great flight (I was the one holding the back of the seat!)
4th September 07
we were on the big red truck wink
really enjoyed ourselves – first timers and all that – met some new friends – well impressed – thankyou!
3rd September 07
Absolutely brilliant. Marvellous… a few deeply felt words to express your treatment of ‘toilet man’. There’s enough brown, dribbly stuff oozing out of Bowser’s mouth without the toilets adding to the surplus!
Lavatorial facilities aside though, another good rally was had by all.
Danke, muchos!
1st September 07
Sacha & Chris
We were kindly invited to join you guys this year for Daves 60th, so it was a first for us at OGRI and def won’t be our last! Am 7 months pregnant and was really looked after, its a shame that other festies can’t take a leaf out of your book and just have decent folk like yourselves!! Cheers guys & keep safe x
31st August 07
Thanks for inviting us ( RBLR )… top event, well organised, and all members met were a credit to Ogri MCC. Well done to you all.
29th August 07
Alan + Colleen Hunt
Well what can we say that has’nt, nothing really, great rally once again you lot. Special thanks to Emma for sorting out extra tickets at the last minute. somehow i missed the trophy giving so could you please put the winners on your website see you next year (note to self… suncream and porta‑potty). Alan + Colleen
29th August 07
Hi guys, great rally as usual but was not keen on the food – mostly overpriced and under (in case of chips) or over (eg burgers!) cooked.

Have done a couple of festivals this year as well as rallies and they put rally food to shame -especially in the veggie dept.
Had a great weekend tho- see you next year!

29th August 07
Great rally as always. Thoroughly enjoyed the silly games , bands and stalls. Catering was far better this year. I am vegetarian and there wasnt much for me last year but loads this year. Veggie burritos and full veggie breakfasts were especially appreciated. Thanks to all who made it happen.
28th August 07
Hi to all the Ogri MCC
Just to publicly thank you for showing the true biker spirit by coming to our assistance on the Friday night and hauling my defunct Ural combo in on a trailer!! You enabled us to enjoy yet another fab Ogri Rally,as well as put a smile back on Megan’s face as she was in tears at the thought of going straight back home on a recovery truck!!
Big thanks to you all from Tarka,Lorraine and Megan.
28th August 07
Sue Dimitriou
Great rally 2007
Food not as good as past years.
Toilets were grim, not enough of them [with a larger crowd] and they weren’t cleaned regularly on Sunday morning they were full to the point of overflowing.
28th August 07
jake from pinkertons
done 2007,blinding good time, only one draw back real ale bar running out early sat night!! nightmare!!!… and another tiolet block, other than that a cracking good do!
27th August 07
Just back from the 2007 Ogri. 8 hours riding and one of our club members broke down in Englandshire and is still in transit with his bike on the back of a truck.
Just a quick note to say nothing, but nothing could dampen the memories of the Ogri. The single best rally in the UK. Many thanks to the Ogri MCC for hosting such a fantastic doo. Will be back again to party Ogri style. See ya all on the road or in a field soon.
Pete, Chairman FVMCC
27th August 07
Thankyou for a fantastic weekend at your rally. We had a brilliant time. The club members made everyone feel like guests and made us all feel very welcome.
So much so we are hoping for enough tickets to make it a club visit next year.
We even took advantage of the trip in the plane with Dom who was lovely.
Unfortunately there was one draw back, the toilets but I am sure you are already on the case.
Looking forward to another visit next year (with a few more toilets LOL)
27th August 07
ow what a weekend at the ogri!!!! i went to the ogri rally this weekend with the antelopes and i was a rally virgin-i got terrorised alot and had such a good weekend and will be goin next year without a doubt!!!!
27th August 07
Great rally and well done on orgainze the great weather.
One small glitch
the toilets a few more would be nice and can we have them cleaned out more.
27th August 07
This was our first time attending the Ogri 2007 Rally and would like to congratulation Ogri MCC on an excellent Rally, certainly the best Rally we’ve attending this year.
Best wishes
Gary & Carol Jenkins.
27th August 07
My first time at an Ogri rally and I had a blast. Absolutely fantastic. A special thanks goes out to Dom for our brilliant and very smooth flight. Cheers mate.
26th August 07
Wilf/ Big Red/ Grande Rouge/ Whatever thebastardscomeupwithnext
Another cracker of a weekend folks. Don’t know where you found the virgins to sacrifice for the good weather but they were worth it happy See ya again…
26th August 07
Firstly can you pass on my congratulation to the Rally Committee on a hard job extremely well done. The venue,atmosphere and organisation was outstanding. Thank you also for allowing us to raise awareness of the British Legion at your event. An excellent weekend Thank you. JJ
26th August 07
R.A.J Coe ( Angus)
Hi guys,
Just to say a big thank you foe yet another brilliant Ogri rally. Special thanks to Lee and other club members for all their help with my disabled guest who had such a brilliant time that she wants to come again. Compliments also on the catering this year. Just what was needed and at a fair price. Hang on to the company concerned.Hope the rest of your events this year are as mu c h fun. See you next year for the 30th.(4 tickets and a car pass for a disabled guest please.)
All the best and safe riding to you all,
26th August 07
many thanks for a most excellent party! here are some pics
summer n gypsy
26th August 07
my 1st orgri rally, done bulldog for 15 years… but yours was the best I have been to yet!! will be back next year for definate!! sick that I have missed out on all the previous ones.
26th August 07
Ivor Downer
Hi to all, just want to say thankyou on behalf of all the British Legion Riders Branch members who attended this years rally, we had a great time and were made very welcome by all, thankyou for your support and we are looking forward to next year and hopefully some of the parties in between!!
Cheers, Ivor and Cally
19th August 07
Excalibur treffen 14 15 16 sept 2007 holland town Valkenswaard 20km under Eindhoven
4th August 07
Just dropped in for the 1st time on your site. Bloody good job and well laid out. Respect to the computer geeks in Ogri.
Taff. Savages MC
1st August 07
Well I remember the fools rally, it was crap, I met babs there and been married (in purgatory) ever since, that bloody Gloustershire beer has somthing to anwser for.
Oh and if the Mark that left the comment is Mark Trotman then my wife Babs wants you to drop us an e mail please.
24th June 07
I remember ‘The fools’ very well (I still have the badge I think)
Apart from the obvious, it was a good rally. From what I remember, there was a big tent, a muddy field that we got the bikes bogged down in and a telegraph pole that we dragged from another filed to fuel the fire…
Gone are the days when that was all you needed, now if there’s no place to get chnaged, have a shower and put your make-up on,(and that’s just the men), then it’s just not acceptable…grins
10th July 07
thx for having Me and sean shana for the last 2 years playing the pipes at the rallie had a great time and bad head in the mornin lol hope to repeat it this year again haha and glad to be asked back this year will pop up and uc u all befor then
all the best for this year
30th June 07
Just come across the website and it brought back a few memories of Ogri MCC from Herford.
Going back to the late 70′s we held one of our rallies (Fools rally?) and had a number of Ogri members there. We had a great weekend will all the lads and lasses until a couple of your lads wrapped their 250LC Yam around a lampost and ended up in Gloucester Royal for many weeks. I repaired the Yam while its owner thankfully recovered OK.
24th June 07
Funny y’know, I thought Ogri Mcc was now 29years old.
Have we forgotten 1977, the first year in Herford?
Waves to anyone who may remember her
8th June 07
Hi Guys excellent website looks like you know how to party in true squaddie style.
I’m conducting a Motorcycle Ride in aid of the Armed Forces and Police Service Benevolent Funds requesting that the monies raised go towards Children who have lost Mum or Dad in the Line of Duty. I hope that you visit us or even join us on the ride. Please take a look at www.herosrun.co.uk…
Best Wishes and Ride safeDean

30th April 07
matt and hayley
wonderful rally in 2006, the toddler had great fun, hopeing to come back this year with the new baby (if Otter still has tickets for us…) A big hello to all Ogri!!
16th April 07
bit of a late entry, good job 2006, ill be back 2007 on my new bike, guest of petrolheads MCC bristol, and i expect the water tank back! ride steady.
26th March 07
Respect from the Road Demons Malaga. Cool site Bro good pics.
Road Demons Sec.
3rd January 07
just saying hi from the royal british legion riders branch.
Came to last summers rally in august and had a top time!
cheers Ivor
3rd January 07
Interesting site guys.
Ride safe
2nd January 07
have you got the water tub repaired in time for this year?