Welcome to Ogri MCC

The Slippit Inn Rally 2011

What more do you want from a rally, good beer, good company and unlike
last year amazing weather, and it wouldn’t be Easter without our very
own Padre travelling from Holland to oversee the festivities. Didn’t get
longest distance though, he cheated and flew over but he did ride home.

Moxy decided it was way to hot for him and with help from his friends we
dressed him for the weather in a little (and I do mean little) black and
red velvet and lace number. As prospect I was given the job of helping
him into it, supervised by Russ (I think I’m scarred for life)

A chilled out afternoon set us up perfectly for the Friday night band,
our very own Black Nasty. They seriously rocked the night away although
some of us had a little too much sun and retired early.

Saturday was enjoyed by all, but some of us needed cooling down which
involved lots of water. After most of us enjoying an ice cream we set
about the silly games hosted by our very own Bowser.

RTK & Ray had a lie down during theirs, Russ cheated and got
disqualified leaving Col to get drenched and Mark wasn’t at all
impressed with the concoction he was supposed to drink.

Saturday night was prize night. We took 4 prizes, best club turnout,
Russ and his orange Harley got Best Yank and Best in Show but the most
coveted award was Best Man Platt, hmm I wonder who got that ! We then
partied the night away, making sure we were the last up (as per usual)

All in all a fab weekend, thanks to all involved in organising it,
hopefully see you next year.