Welcome to Ogri MCC

End of the Road Rally 2015

A brief rundown of Ogri MCC descended upon the MAG End of the Road Rally @ The Lizard, Cornwall from Simon

Getting to Cornwall
Wasp inside crash helmet within 5 miles of leaving.
A303 at Stonehenge stationary!
How many wasps at Sparkford Services?!
Exeter – VFR dies on the roundabout (furthest point from services exit!) and refuses to start until both bikes are moved off the road and facing the wrong way! Quick catch up in services with Tonka, Sal and Togs about to leave as we arrive.

Air Ambulance Helicopter, casually abandoned on bridge over the A38 !

Plymouth is wet and smells and the exit from Sainsburys petrol station is a nightmare (we won’t mention the u-turn), pass Jules, Fran and Jon.
Gatecrash a wedding at St Austell when stopping for fluids, get passed by Jules, Fran and Jon ! Seems the VFR only wants to start when on an incline…hmmmm.
A39 – traffic sucks – two e52 panniers to do not make a good combination for narrow filtering !
Eventually get to site to be greeted with quite a few very wobbly Ogri folks !
Apply vast quantities of alcohol and retire in the early hours.

In Cornwall
Wake up far too early but sun is out :)
Brews and decision made to be healthy and walk somewhere
Follow the signs to a pub 0.75 miles the sign said but that is 0.75 miles to the next sign which then says 0.75 miles to go !
End up in Cadgwith – very pictureskew with two little beach areas, we sit and soak up the sun, have a quick paddle and wait for Nic and Em to arrive.
Give up waiting and go to the pub, Nic and Em walk in after sitting on the OTHER beach waiting for us.
Couple of pints (to maintain fluid levels!) and some food then a hike back to site to bump into the rest of the Ogri Hikers who went to the Lizard, on their way back.

Sit down in the sun, there may have have been some alcohol and assorted tomfoolery !
Grab some more grub and hit the bar (fluid levels dropping again)
Win Best Club Turnout and Tonka gets Best Rat, Moz wins a t-shirt ( a very nice white and blue number) and Emma a bottle of vino (with lovely gold netting) in the raffle.
Then it is time to hit the pit

Leaving Cornwall
Wake up at sparrows fart – wet and uck !
Griff appears to be wearing camo dungerees – WTAF !?!
Say Good byes and people start to wind their way home.
Eventually get arse in gear and hit the road.
Drizzle, mist and general crap until St Austell – not helped by being in waterproofs and it being 20 degrees
VFR doesn’t want to start for a worrying amount of time after filling up, yet based on fuel used, scary +50 MPG figures !
Slight misunderstanding on which services we are going to at Saltash – eventually find Judi and a suitable hill for starting the VFR.
Watch with interest and slight trepidation as the caravan in Lane 1 starts to perform some interesting bouncing and snaking. Pass the trailer lod of logs with care as it looked like some of them were feeling sucidial !
A little bit of confusion as to where to come off the M5, Judi indicates to the services before our junction so stop for a brew. Snaky caravan man pulls in – possible for a change of underwear.
VFR starts without the aid of a hill – WTF !
Pull out and hit stationary traffic till next junction – grrrrr
Stop @ Mere – Judi’s MPG figures are better than mine. Almost worth seeing if we can get back without filling up but err on the side of caution. Slight incline needed for the VFR to get going.
A303 – fat arse pannier syndrome strikes again but don’t hit anything smile emoticon come off A303 and go cross country.
Get home, get shouted at by the cat, bikes away – go to curry house